A truly mobile kitchen!

We have two wood-fired

mobile ovens!

Six decades of culinary expertise


Two lifelong professional chefs with a passion for food, have joined forces to create a unique catering business. Having catered countless events during our long careers, we have come to the understanding that preparing food in our kitchens and bringing the food to you is not always the best route to take; all too often the food becomes overcooked or dry and takes away from the event and not only makes the caterer look bad, but the host or hostess too. Enter Artisan Caterers. By bringing the cooking to you, the food is guaranteed hot and delicious, fresh off the grill so to speak. We have mobile brick ovens for pizza, breads, and other wood-fired cuisine, a mobile rotisserie for the perfect self-basted foods, an amazing giant paella set-up and an entire mobile kitchen and we park it all right at your location in order to deliver the freshest and hottest food than an other carerer, bar none.

By traveling around the world and the US we have amassed a knowledge base of the world's cuisines and have created some spectacular recipes for your enjoyment. By bringing the kitchen to you we help to create a most unique event, one your guests won't easily forget. We are what our name says, Artisan; we personally craft your menu and custom prepare your food using traditional techniques from scratch utilizing locally grown and produced ingredients wherever possible. We always keep an eye out for the new and exciting but can also deliver traditional, tried and true favorites. Contact us so we may start to plan the perfect event .

A mobile Rottisserie

One of our giant paella set-ups and a rottisserie suckling pig